The ELR course

The Extreme Long Range Course is just what it sounds like! We will be pushing your weapon system and you to the limits.  You will learn all the variables to make a shot out to 3000 yards or further (caliber, ammo, and scope depending).  We will cover Coriolis Effect, spin drift, multiple wind angles, proper bullet selection, timing wind columns, when to watch the terrain and when to ignore it, and using your reticle in conjunction with dialing.  This is a 3 day course and you need to have taken PR1 and 2 in order to take this class unless previously agreed upon. 

Price- $1500 With $750 due upon booking the course

Attention! You will need the following minimum for this course:

-Rifle capable of at least ¾ moa accuracy or better you can handle shooting 40 plus rounds per day

(Be sure your rifle and scope combo have enough elevation in them to shoot out past 1500 yards)

-Scope that has the ability to dial in MILS or MOA.  Ballistic reticles and Horus Reticles will suffice to an extent

-200 plus rounds of ammo you will be hunting with or shooting in matches.  DO NOT bring ammo you will shoot for the course then go hunt with other ammo.  You need to get used to one bullet all the time and become very intimate with it.

-Ballistic calculator on phone or pocket PC


-Rear bag or sock

-Kestrel or other wind meter and or weather device

-Backpack to carry or shoot off of

-Clothes for any weather

-Eye protection and Ear protection


-Spotting Scope


-Camel Back or other Hydration system(I will provide water for the class)